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40th TC Detachment
7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment (Air) "RUTHLESS RIDERS"
Dedicated to the Troopers of the 7th Squadron, 17th Cavalry Regiment (Air) "RUTHLESS RIDERS" and their families.
40th Maint. Shack
Maint. Area Camp Enari
40th Wrecker
"L-R" Johnson, VantHul, Jorgensen
The TC detachment provided direct support helicopter maintenance to each troop. The TC detachment had special tools and advanced training to provide higher levels of maintenance. The detachments were collocated with each troop and accepted as members of the troop. According to our leadership site [] this was the relationship of the TC Detachments to the squadron troops.

40th TC Det Direct Support to Headquarters and Headquarters Troop
568th TC Det Direct Support to A Troop
569th TC Det Direct Support to B Troop
412th TC Det Direct Support to C Troop
OH-6A Trivia
February 1963: OH-6A completes first test flight.

June 1964: Hughes LOH is FAA certified.

May 1965: Army awards Hughes Tool Company a multiyear production contract for 1,074 OH-6As.

April 1966: Army announces the OH-6A set 21 world records for helicopters.

April 1966: Hughes OH-6A completes longest nonstop helicopter flight in history--2,236 miles.

August 1966: First production OH-6A delivered to the Army.

August 1968: Army excercises option for 346 additional OH-6As.

September 1970: Hughes delivers the last of 1,434 OH-6As to the Army.
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